Traci Lynn Cares is a non-profit organization created by the powerhouse Motivational Speaker and CEO of Traci Lynn Jewelry, Traci Lynn.  Traci Lynn has created a legacy in both the public speaking and fashion industry. She is now conquering the non-profit industry by utilizing her mission and success as a platform to support and make a difference to individuals that are affected by cancer. Lynn produced Traci Lynn Cares an organization that benefits and dedicates all profits to The American Cancer Society. Traci Lynn lives by her mission to Pass the MIC: Motivate, Inspire, Change lives, and this mission is the heart and soul of Traci Lynn Cares.  

Traci Lynn Cares Mission:

Pass the MIC: Motivate, Inspire, Change Lives.  

Motivate individuals to support and donate by raising public awareness to the effects and repercussions cancer brings on individuals, families, and society.  Inspire all who deal with the hardships of cancer to fight and unite. Change Lives for all that struggle with cancer by raising the dollars necessary to support research. Since 2013, Traci Lynn Cares has successfully raised over $300,000 for the American Cancer Society, and we will continue to raise funds to support cancer research by raising public awareness on the local, state and national level.